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Classic Thai Foot Massage with Hot Thai Herbal Therapy

All of the pleasure of the Classic Thai Foot Massage combined with the powerful benefits of one of Traditional Thai Medicine’s favorite therapies.  Wonderfully warm and deeply penetrating Hot Herbal Packets are pressed along energy pathways and nerve points.  Discover what Thailand has known well for centuries.

1 HR ...........600 ‎฿


“Icy-Spicy” Foot Massage

The perfect tingling solution for hot, aching, tired feet and calves.  Get all the great pleasures of a Classic Thai Foot Massage combined with the thrilling and chilling benefits of a frosty Peppermint-Menthol Gel Wrap of your feet and calves followed by a Birch-Camphor Foot/Calf Massage and topped off with a Lemon-Peppermint-Tea Tree Essential Oil Foot Mist.

1 HR ...........500 ‎฿

Deluxe “Icy-Spicy” Foot & Head/Neck Massage

The complete thrilling and chilling “Icy-Spicy” Foot Massage AND a complete 30 minute Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage.  A powerful combination for deep, deep relief and relaxation. This is one you will remember and come back for again and again.


90 MINS.........750 ‎฿   

Deluxe Thai Foot & Head/Neck Massage  

This one is great! More of everything you love about Thai Foot Massage AND a complete 30 minute Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage.  A powerful combination for deep, deep relief and relaxation.  The Deluxe is the “Royal” treatment you deserve.  Forget about time and let your Baan Dalah Specialist do the rest.


90 MINS.........500 ‎฿   

Classic Thai Foot Massage  

Soothing, rhythmic from toes to knees with arm, hand & neck.  This therapy is a fundamental aspect of stress relief and preventative health care.  Both fun and fulfilling, treat yourself frequently and watch many complaints vanish and your health improve.

1 HR ............330 ‎฿ 

“Emotional Rescue” Foot Massage

Everyone has a hard time once and awhile and wish for an “Emotional Rescue”.  At Baan Dalah the Mind is recognized as needing help from stress as much as the Body.  This unique version of the Classic Thai Foot Massage uses the subtle but powerful effects of the English Bach Flower Remedies which are NOT fragrant Essential Oils but closer to a homeopathic remedy.  They are famous for their benefits in soothing emotional distress.  Specifically selected Bach Remedies are applied to key nerve and blood points as well as blended into your foot massage lotion.  Take heart, relief is on the way.

1 HR ............450 ‎฿      

 All of Our Services are VAT Included.
They DO NOT Include Gratuity or Service Charge.

Please Consider Leaving Tips for your Spa Therapists

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