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Classic Thai Facial/Massage

Excellent Baan Dalah style basic facial care with:

                  - full cleansing,

                  - steam,  

                  - deep pore cleansing,

                  - mask,

                  - anti-bacterial stimulation,

                  - wonderful massage.

1 HR ...........600 ‎฿

Baan Dalah 7-Step Spa Facial with Light Therapy

Complete Advanced Spa-style Facial Skin Care with pure Spa-grade products :

                  - Facial Cleansing Oil,

                  - Awakening Reviver Scrub,

                  - Herbal Alcohol-free Toner,

                  - Facial Massage Cream,                                                

                  - Awakening Detox Mask,

                  - Moisturizing Cream,

                  -  Light Therapy


90 MIN.........1,300 ‎฿   

Gold & Stem Cell Therapy - 10 Steps Facial Rejuvenation

Totally Unique Baan Dalah Experience

1 HR ............1,800 ‎฿ 

Sensitive Skin “Every Day” Facial/Massage

For tender skin & sun-kissed skin, this is a thorough but gentle facial with ample massage but no steam or stimulating devices.  Also the best choice for anyone wanting a number of facials in a short period of time.

1 HR ............550 ‎฿ 

Anti-Aging Face Treatment:

            - Facial Massage

            - InterX Stimulation

            - Light Rejuvenation

The perfect support for your spa facial program or as a powerful “good look” before a special event.  A very effective treatment especially if done in a series of sessions.  Three times a week for optimum results.

1 HR ............1,100 ‎฿ 


Men Facial Shave

          .............250 ‎฿ 

Anti-Aging Facial Skin Rejuvenation Program

Once a year (and for the truly wise, twice!) this superb program will visually change the appearance of your skin.  Come two times a week for 6 weeks and your face will continuously show improvement for up to 6 months. 


You will look younger, fresher and more beautiful. Uneven skin pigment begins to equalize as the skin becomes firmer, smoother and more vibrant.


The Program starts with the Baan Dalah 7-Step Spa Facial with Light Therapy.  Then twice a week, you will receive an Anti-Aging Face Treatment composed of Facial Massage, InterX Stimulation and Light Rejuvenation.  On your last day, everything is completed with the Baan Dalah 7-Step Spa Facial with Light Therapy.


If desired an occasional Sensitive Skin “Every Day” Facial/Massage may be inserted into the program at extra cost.

13,000 ฿  

 All of Our Services are VAT Included.
They DO NOT Include Gratuity or Service Charge.

Please Consider Leaving Tips for your Spa Therapists

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