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In 2006, JiJi and Garnet Dupuis, our co-founders, had a vision

of a spa based on integrity, ethics and high-touch care.

While looking like a traditional Thai spa, it was to operate on

international spa principles and practices.

"In those early days, the reputation of Bangkok massage

businesses still had a sexual component. Baan Dalah Mindbody

Spa took a bold departure and legally branded itself as

“The Family Friendly Spa™” of Thailand," Garnet explained. 

"Over all these years, Baan Dalah has been proudly serving

clients from every country with couples, single women and men

plus loads of families," Garnet pointed. 



“Baan” means “House” and “Dalah” is a remarkable flower

known in English as the “Torch Ginger” and in Thai as the

“Flower of Paradise”.  The Dalah is strong, vibrant and long-living

which are all the qualities we hope to instill in our clients

through our care.


The vision and goal of Baan Dalah MindBody Spa is to offer

high quality, “5 Star” spa services in a beautiful, peaceful

environment at affordable prices.  We believe that spa style

services should be a regular part of one’s personal health care

and that this care should be professional, ethical, sensitive,

cost-effective and “Family-Friendly”.

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The Menu of Services includes a full range of Advanced

Massage & Spa Therapies as well as the Classic Thai Services. 

The Massage & Spa Therapies are significantly less expensive when

compared with hotel and resort fees. The prices for the Classic

Thai Services are also equal and competitive with the small street

shops found throughout the central Sukhumvit area. 


The luxurious and serene environment of Baan Dalah with its

soft music, gentle lighting and flowing water makes for a wonderful

contrast to the constant chatter and pop music that fills many

common massage businesses.


The Advanced Spa Therapies include true Body Scrubs,

Hot Soap Massages, and Body Masks performed in special

“Wet Rooms”.  The water is warm and plentiful and makes these

services a real delight. 


Technically advanced therapies such a wave-length

specific Light Therapy and Inter-active Neurostimulation

combined with world-class Spa Facials and Body Care are unique

and exclusive to Baan Dalah MindBody Spa.  Massage Therapies

go far beyond the common and include California Deep Tissue

Massage and Swedish Massage with more styles to come. 

There is also a full Hair Salon and Waxing services.

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